Young sister gets a BIG surprise from brother


Boy was my sister in for a surprise! Mother left us home alone which was a mistake! She was laying on the couch listening to music with her perfect ass out and I couldn’t resist. She thought she could resist though but we both quickly found out that she wanted my big cock just as much as I wanted her wet pussy. She’s a sexy brunette and I just can’t control myself sometimes. This brother sister sex romance was definitely going down. I hopped on top of her while she was listening to music and began to fuck her. That immediately got her in the mood and then she wanted to suck my cock so ofcourse I let her. She’s a goddess at blowjobs and I was really ready to give it to her then. After she sucks my cock I lay her on her back and give her some good rough sex. She was moaning and screaming so loud I’m glad our parents weren’t home! We’ll definitely be doing that again.

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